Social Media Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat... social media is a great way for you to promote your website and sell your products and services but it is about you making quality content.

All platforms are not for everybody, but you have to be on the most important platforms to stay competitive.

Content is king! This is how you want to approach social media. You can post sales messages on them but 90% of your content on social media marketing should not be about you trying to sell your product or service. It should be about providing quality content.

Education is a great way to approach it.

Educate your audience on all aspects of your products and services. Take them behind the scenes. Show them what nobody wants to show them. Tell them that nobody wants to tell them.

A great book I recommend is: Gary Vaynerchuk: Crush it!

Making quality content on all your social media platforms is the best way for you to be found, listened, and have your products and services purchased.


Probably the number one platform to be on.

You can approach making content on facebook by photos and videos (live or not live) and just normal text posts.

Facebook advertising is also a good idea to get to your audience. You can use your best performing posts and just boost them to a well targeted audience.

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My favourite platform for sure.

Other than making videos, behind the scenes, education on youtube, you can also do preroll advertising and banner advertising on YouTube.

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If you are into photos in any way this is your platform along with Facebook.

I would certainly get a better camera to use other than just your phone because a better quality photo will pop for sure. But not in the expense of missing the shot.

If you only have your phone that you can take out quickly use your phone. If you have time to set up everything I would use a professional camera to make my images stand out.

Advertising on Instagram may be a good thing. But what I would do is Infuncer marketing. Find people with big audiences and pay them to post for you. It is still underpriced.

The other thing is hashtags. That's how your posts and photos will be found so play with hashtags every time you post.


When a platform is relatively new you can buy advertising on those platforms very cheaply. But first, you have to start using them and understand how they work.

Influencer marketing works great on this platform just like anywhere else.