Publishing your website

In order to publish your website and make it available on the web you need a hosting account. 
And if you want an affordable, reliable hosting account for your websites I recommend Bluehost

Get a hosting account:

1, Go to

2, Click on the SIGN UP button somewhere on the site

It’s gonna immediately ask you for a domain. If you already have a domain you can swap it over, but it’s free, so go ahead and get a new domain.

3, On the next page fill out all your information and click NEXT

After you click NEXT, you may have to call an 800 number to complete your order. Not a big deal.
Then they are gonna send you an email with all your domain name, password and FTP information, and then you can LOGIN to you control panel using your domain name and password.

Upload your local site folder on your server:

1, Login to your control panel at

2, Choose the FILE MANAGER

3, Choose „Document Root for:” choose your domain and click GO!

Now basically you are looking at a built-in FTP software within Bluehost. (FTP allows you to upload your files on your remote server. If you don’t like the built-in FTP software, you can also use FileZilla which is a great FTP software, and it’s free.)

So go ahead and upload your files and folders you have inside of you local site folder to your remote server. And once you uploaded them, your site should be available at or whatever your actual domain is.

Get an email address:

1, Go to (or any free email service provider you like) and sign up for a free email account.

Don’t use your regular email account because it’s much better to have different email account for business stuffs. And it doesn’t matter what your actual email address is because you’re gonna use email address through your email account anyway.

2, Login to your control panel at

3, Create an email address for your domain name. For example:

4, Create a forwarder to send a copy of all mail from email address to your gmail address (or to any email address you have)

Send mail as through Gmail:

1, Login to your Gmail account

2, Go to Mail settings/Accounts

3, Choose „Add another email address you own”

4, Enter the name and email address you wanna send emails from (through gmail)

5, Before you can send mail as, you need to verify that you own the email address.

To perform the verification click "Send Verification". They will then send you an email to your with instructions on how to verify your address.

You need to click a link in that email to verify your address, and if you already have an email forwarder you will receive that verification email in your gmail account. Click the link, and then you can send mail as through gmail.